"The Enemy" To A Narcissist

"The Enemy" to a Narcissist is anyone who:
~threatens their ego,
~threatens their image because they are just as capable, talented, or attractive (or moreso),
~who stands up to their manipulation or bullying,
~who doesn't participate in their illusions of hierarchy,
~who doesn't pretend to go along with their fabrications or excuses
~who refuses to participate in targeting another person for bullying, slander, ostracism, or manipulation
~who disagrees with them
~who doesn't allow them to "call the shots"
~who doesn't put up with their rudeness
~who doesn't glorify them and give them EXTRA praise, attention, privilege, entitlement, leeway, or credit
~who doesn't help COVER UP crimes or other betrayals or manipulations against other people
~who doesn't completely agree with them or go along with their rationalizations for destructive, criminal, arrogant, cruel, or inconsiderate behavior
~who has helped them
~who has helped someone in their personal life
~whom they envy for any reason
~who they feel "obligated" to
~who they have betrayed, abused, or hurt in any way
~who has more authority or "power" than they do
~who doesn't stroke their ego
~who has ever insulted them
~who is a member of another "group" or belief system

The "enemy" of a Narcissist is NOT necessarily a person who has done actual harm to them, or especially who has done harm to others in their personal life.
UNLESS being that person's "enemy" gives them some kind of gain.