Elitism And Narcissism

e·lit·ism or é·lit·ism  (ĭ-lē′tĭz′əm, ā-lē′-)
WHO can be an "Elitist"?

Do they have to be a certain race?  Nope.

Do they have to have a certain amount of financial wealth?  Nope.

Do they have to have a certain "IQ"?  Nope.

Are all Elitists male? Or are they all female?  Still -Nope.

Do Elitists all have a certain level of Academic education?  Nooope.

Are they all very good-looking? Definitely a "negatory", sisters and brothers.

Are they all "supremely" skilled, talented, capable, intelligent, gifted? That's another "Nope". 

There is only one thing that all Elitists have in common.
A DESIRE for "supremacy" to exist.

A person can be an ELITIST no matter what:
~their life is like, 
what their past is like, 
what their habits are, 
what their financial status is, 
what their intelligence level is,
what their sex is,
what their real behavior is,
how they treat others,
who their friends and family are,
what neighborhood they live in,
what ancestry they have,
what they look like,
what their job or career is,
or how humble, generous, or compassionate they claim to be.

The only thing one needs to become an "elitist" is a BELIEF that certain people are intrinsically superior to other "kinds" of people, and that this "superior kind" of person deserves to be in charge of things and have power.

Pretty convenient if the "KIND" of person they think deserves to be in charge is the SAME "KIND" of person THEY ARE, isn't it?

Some elitists like it when a different "kind" of person than themselves has the "power", as long as they can be ASSOCIATED WITH that "kind" of person. Much like wanting your best friend to be elected Class President instead of yourself, because you know you'll get "perks" and "extras" because of your association with them, without having to deal with the consequences of actually being Class President.

Many of them will deny having these issues while at the same time giving "reasons" why one "kind" of person "deserves" to be in charge, due to their "superior" whatever.

Elitism is a common Human issue because humans are primates, closely related to Chimpanzees, and Chimpanzees live in social groups that have "hierarchies". 
Just like Chimpanzees, one of the reasons (ONE OF the reasons) that humans perpetuate these created "hierarchies" is because OTHER GROUPS of humans create them too, and try to dominate and take over territory and possessions from other groups. 
If humans didn't try to dominate other humans (individuals or groups), there would be far fewer excuses to create and perpetuate these "hierarchies", and therefore there would be much less ELITISM, and fewer ways to RATIONALIZE (make excuses for) elitism. 

MOST (but not all) Narcissists are "Elitists".
Most (but not all) "Elitists" have some level of Narcissism.

Sexism and Racism are forms of elitism; the belief or projection that all the members of one group are "superior" and therefore deserve to be treated with more respect and care, and/or that all the members of another group are "inferior", and therefore deserve to be treated with less respect or care.