Trust Is Earned

Trust is earned.
Relationships are built over time, and earned trust is what the building blocks are made of.

Genuine trust cannot be earned quickly.

When we find ourselves trusting another quickly and letting them "in" or inviting them "in", into our homes, our personal lives, our private feelings, thoughts, or information, there is something going on with either our own boundaries or with the other person, sometimes both.

We often say we hit it off with someone right away, and sometimes it's quite true. But that does not mean that we should, or need to, open our proverbial front gate, open the front door, give them the metaphorical or literal key to the back door, or give them access to our private lives and information.

If that's the "price" of the friendship or relationship, then it's too high.

Trust is earned, and it needs to be earned in both directions.