"Desperately Seeking Targets": What Narcissists Want

What do Narcissists seek in a romantic partner, business partner, employee, or friend?

Cross the word "Partner" out first. Narcissists are not interested in being "equal" with anyone. Everyone else, to them, is either "above" or "below", either a Leader or a Follower, either a Boss or a Subordinate, either the Star of the show or the Star's assistant, either the Main Attraction or an audience member.
SINCE in their minds everyone is either The Leader or The Follower, the Diva or the Groupie, the Expert or the Novice, they usually prefer to be one rather than the other.

That being said, what, again, do Narcissists seek in others?

~Willingness to play second-fiddle (or third, or fourth, just never first) at all times, in every situation.

~Willingness to be treated as an unimportant, less valuable person.

~Willingness to give up one's own aspirations, goals, and plans in order to be the Narcissist's assistant, support system, tool-fetcher, caregiver or audience member.

~Willingness to drop whatever one is doing at any time in order to fulfill someone else's requests.

~Willingness to feign a lack of knowledge, experience, and ability in order to allow the Narcissist, and/or someone else connected to them, to always feel superior.

~Willingness to be left behind, left out, ignored, unacknowledged, invalidated on a regular basis, diminished as a person.

~Willingness to pretend to believe bold-faced lies and obvious b.s.

~Willingness to put up with insulting, inconsiderate, impolite, rude, crude, or even cruel behavior and speech, either on a regular basis, or sporadically.

~Willingness to risk losing everything, including one's remaining self-esteem, confidence, health, and dignity, for someone else's continued comfort.

~Willingness to go along with anything and everything another person wants or says.

~Willingness to give up one's autonomy and personal liberty, regardless of what one may or may not receive in return.

~Willingness to dissolve any genuine connections that one may have with others.

~Willingness to pretend that any wrongdoing that someone else has done didn't really happen, or go along with justifying that there was a good reason for whatever they did or didn't do.

~Willingness to accept betrayal, and pretend it didn't happen.

~Willingness to never disagree, never speak one's own mind, never express annoyance, anger, or frustration, and never stand up for one's self or another against disrespect, unfairness, or abuse.