Sign That You May Be Dealing WIth A Narcissist

A sign that you MIGHT be dealing with a person who has Narcissism in a personal relationship:

You feel like you have to coax them to pay attention to you, to notice positive things that you do, to remember important things about you, and to acknowledge what you do and say.

They seem oblivious to your actual ability, accomplishments, capability, and experience, but are always ready and willing to "correct" you or give you unsolicited, unasked for "advice".

They don't seem to WANT to remember your strengths and positive attributes; they don't acknowledge real things you DO or things you SAY.

They may even attribute "positive" things you do or say to OTHER PEOPLE, or to themselves! ~In order to maintain their "lesser status" image of you that they carry in their imagination.

They may also project negative traits or weaknesses onto you that have NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, that you DON'T HAVE - again, in order to maintain their delusional "lesser status" image of you that they've created in their mind.

People who have Narcissism don't live in reality, they create their own, and "re-create" other people to fit into their created illusion. Because of this, they don't even try to learn real things about other people; not even those in their own family, or those that they're in romantic relationships with. They will only learn something "new" about someone (or about themselves) that's outside of their illusion when they absolutely have to in order to alleviate pain, fear, or discomfort, and often not even then.