Envying Others For Their "Happy Lives"

Narcissists who are driven by envy (not all of them are, some are driven only by supply) will often target those who appear to them to have caring families and support from friends or community.

Since Narcissists don't care about actual reality, they will make sweeping assumptions regarding another person's support network based on very little superficial information.

For example, if they think a person is physically attractive, they'll often assume that everyone supports and favors the person.
If the person has some kind of academic or business success, they'll often assume likewise, that the person's achievements were only possible because of support or favoritism from others.
Displays of talent or skill also may incite them to envy for the same reasons; they assume that a musician who plays on stage is adored by everyone, or that an artist is treated like royalty, or that a scientist or high achieving student is given special privilege.

People who appear HAPPY, relaxed, confident, and optimistic are often assumed by enviers to have easy and privileged lives.

WEIRDLY, this can and often does happen WITHIN a small community, classroom, family, and even in the same household.

Envy is not just about the actual THING that an envier is focused on. It's also about what they think that thing IMPLIES (in their minds).