Equality, Respect, Recognition, Women and Men

Women are often perplexed by the lack of respect and fairness they receive in many areas of life, and tend to become very frustrated by the obvious lack of equal treatment.

Women are also often confused by the lack of compassion, care, and recognition of the issue by both men and other women in their lives.

But there is something important that seems to be overlooked by most everyone involved:

MEN don't treat EACH OTHER with "equality", "fairness", or "genuine respect".
Men don't recognize other men for who they are and what they really do, for the most part.

Most men tend to judge one another based on superficial things like height, or shoulder width, or vocal sounds, body gestures, the kind of car they drive, their haircut, their LOOKS, their academic degree, or even how proficient their skills are at certain learned tasks (like juggling, driving, making money, or dealing craps).
Very few of them were ever told that those things DO NOT indicate character, wisdom, or leadership ability.

The larger proportion of boys were TAUGHT to make little "hierarchies" everywhere they go based on really superficial traits about other people (like how good someone is at baseball, or how strong they seem to be), and they were ALSO taught NOT to INCLUDE girls and women in these little hierarchies. So when the men in a group seem to ignore the women when they talk, it's because they were conditioned to believe that it's perfectly normal. But they are doing the SAME THING to OTHER MEN in that group as well; not as obviously, but if you pay attention, you'll see it.
And it's also true that a large number of women don't recognize men for who they really are, either.

Why don't people talk about this?
Probably because it's so normalized, they just think it's "the way things are", as if God created the world that way, or if the Big Bang made humans evolve that way.

The brainwashing of children to believe in and accept the illusion of "Social Hierarchy" has been going on for literally thousands of years, and it's not some kind of deliberate conspiracy.
Well it may have been generations ago, but now, people just pass on what they "learned" as children to the next generation, and so on, and so on, and so on,... and so on...

It's all about being very, very close genetically to the other Great Apes. Social Hierarchy is not based on character, intelligence, wisdom, or ability. It's based on size and social manipulation. A "leader" will not be appointed or accepted as a "leader" unless OTHER PEOPLE (or other apes) agree, and allow them to be. It's a group consensus.

So when the tall, loud guy with the big teeth gets elected for political office, even though it's glaringly obvious that the shorter guy would have been much better at the job, and your sister would have been much better than both of them put together, you can blame Monkey Status Politics.
Most of the people in the group (troupe) voted for the Larger Male, regardless of his lack of life experience, his criminal history, and the silly things he said during the campaign, and they ignored the Smaller Male and the Female.

Men don't treat WOMEN with equality because they don't treat OTHER MEN with equality in the first place. They're raised that way. And so are the majority of women. They're conditioned to believe that it's perfectly okay and normal to treat other people with either EXTRA respect, based on trivial things, and others with a lack of respect.