Status Monkey

Are you a Status Monkey?

Do you judge what other people do and say according to whether you like them or not?
According to whether you think they're important or not?
According to their appearance, their race, or their sex?
According to their fame, title, or job position?

Status Monkeys interpret everything one person says as "intellectual" or "logical thought", and everything another person says as "emotional" or "personal".

Status Monkeys interpret everything one person does as "for a valid reason" and "purposeful", and everything another person does as "trying to keep up" or "trying to fit in".

Status Monkeys create little hierarchies in any group they're a part of, and will join in and perpetuate big hierarchies that other people created.
This means that they want some people to be MORE important, and others to be LESS important, and still others to be not important at all.

Status Monkeys only listen to the opinions of certain people, and will often go along with anything they say. But when others share an opinion, an educated observation, or solution to a problem, they will ignore them or even try to shut them down.

Status Monkeys typically go along with the belief that certain people were born superior to others because of their ancestry or gender.

Status Monkeys will usually try to dominate and bully a person who does not agree with them, or who doesn't go along with their beliefs and agendas.

Status Monkeys care much, much more about being right, being seen as right, and being in control than about the well-being of other people around them. They will never care more about another person's well-being or feelings than they care about themselves being "right" or "wrong".

Status Monkeys have their own Social Status and their own feelings as their priority in life, well above caring about other people; any relationship that could threaten their Social Status for any reason will be rejected, even if that relationship is with a family member, a romantic partner, or a close friend.