Just Me A 'DONM' by Amanda Seal

Just me a 'DONM'
By Amanda Seal.

She's not in my life but still here in disguises,
Dressed in her 'narc' black cloak,
She creeps up behind me, when life tries to find me to tell me that I am a joke.

All those years I believed her,
Her cold words they cut deeper,
She engraved a vast space in my heart,
She lives there most days and slowly plays games till I shut myself off in the dark.

I'm a daughter, A DAUGHTER, a narcissists daughter! "Its all my own fault don't you know?!
I am crazy and angry and weird and I'm lazy,
Im useless, not worthy of love"
Thats called 'Gaslighting'
So cruel when your fighting
Just for your own mothers love.

..AND Her screaming silence,
Was worse than pure violence,
Which would happen most days, thats alot.
And these emotions berate me,
They come back just to break me,
and tell me I'm something I'm not.

So I MUST be stronger,
Im a lady, a soldier,
To be distant,
use my gift and pray,

.... Amanda I love you,
There's no one above you,
Behold this creation you've made.

Amanda Seal by Amanda Seal