Psychotic Narcissism

When we get to the level of psychotic Narcissists, we see them justifying and rationalizing acts of conning, serious vandalism, destruction of both human and natural environments, oppression, physical violence, abuse, sabotage, extortion, kidnapping, organized crime, drug cartels, sex trafficking, weapons dealing, cult and gang creation, sexual abuse, torture, animal abuse, murder, and all of these things in the name of "government", "religion", "civic groups", "business", and even supposedly "freedom" (which translates to POWER for their OWN selves, group, and faction, not "freedom" for anyone else).

Those who are NOT NARCISSISTS who hold government office or who are civic or religious leaders do not try to make those who aren't in complete agreement with them look or sound like "bad people", and they certainly don't try to CONDEMN others or spread hatred, racism, sexism, anti-religious hatred, religious hatred, or violence.
NON-NARCISSISTS DO NOT JUSTIFY VIOLENCE OR ABUSE, either from themselves or from others.

Non-Narcissists seek many different points of view, and as much information as they can gather, in order to form neutral solutions and compromises that are in the best interest of the whole group, not just in the interest of certain people who agree with their own beliefs, opinions, and agendas.
(Making those who disagree with all of their agendas, opinions, and ideas into "bad people" is a very childish control and power tactic that apparently works on a lot of people.)