Your Loss Is Their Gain

All Narcissists seek to gain and keep LEVERAGE.
Not just in business, or actual competitions and contests, but in all things, all areas of life, personal or otherwise. 

Having leverage means one feels that they have an advantage over others, control over others, and a higher  vantage point.

When we get the feeling that someone who is supposed to be in our corner WANTS us to fail,
or LIKES IT when we run into trouble or hardship,
LIKES IT when it looks like we've been rejected by others, LIKES IT when someone else treats us poorly,
or LIKES IT when we're "caught" or even falsely accused of making a mistake, screwing up, or doing something wrong,
that feeling we have might be accurate.

If the person has Narcissism, then it's probably spot-on accurate, even if the person is a relative, partner, or "friend".

A target's difficulty, large or small, is a Narcissist's gain.