Some Signs Of Emotional Illness

Some signs of emotional or mental illness in an adult, unspecified, mild to severe
(may include effects of trauma)
*** all emotional and mental illnesses are treatable and improvable, the brain has "neuroplasticity" :

"Numbness"; feeling unattached to one's emotions.

Having an apparent lack/absence of emotions.

Living through and inside of one's emotions, moods, and reactions.

Using substances frequently to try to stimulate or suppress emotions and moods.

Always being in some kind of intense "mood".
(Not simply appearing to be in a mood, but actually being IN one, regardless of the way others are treating them, and regardless of situations and events, current, past, and future.)

Unable to NAME one's own moods or emotions.

Always seem to be emotionally invested in who and what is "right", even if the topic is completely neutral (like which kind of nail would be best for a job, or what kind of spice to use for a recipe, or whether Pluto is a planet or not).


Feeling justified and entitled to control others.

Rarely or never in a neutral state of mind or emotion.

Having an emotionally charged opinion about literally everything and everyone, not just about topics they're passionate about or personally involved in.

All of their actions feel justified because that's "how they FELT at the time"; they behave according to their emotions and moods, not according to objective values, integrity, ethics, or principals.Incapable of objectivity; everything and every person is either "right" or "wrong", and either "good" or "bad".

"Taking sides" in any and every discussion, theory, plan, disagreement, or conflict, whether they're personally involved or not.

Creating "sides" and "factions" where none were present in any discussion or group that they're in, so they can be on the "good" or "right" side. 

Reacting with volatility to any person who doesn't align and agree with their opinions and emotions.

Reacting with hostility, even aggression, toward any person whom they envy or feel threatened by for any reason.

Always talking about how they deserve to be rewarded for how much work they do.

Frequently talking about how much they suffer from stress, but refusing to do anything constructive about it, change anything about themselves, or seek outside help to improve their own habits and thinking.

Frequently judging others negatively, seeking ways to put others down, trying to cast shame on others.

Trying to convince others to reject or turn against people in their own family, community, or associate groups with gossip, rumors, and implications.
(There are no real witnesses, documents, or other proof to accusations. There may be witnesses to emotional reactions such as crying or anger, but not to the actual events that are being spread around. Usually because they didn't happen; in fact, usually, gossip and rumors are attempts to deflect real things that the gossiper has done, especially if they know proof exists.)

Reacting with volatility and opposition to nearly any topic about human behavior or psychology, or trying to shut it down.

Feeling abandoned, neglected, and abused when someone else is busy doing anything, or paying attention to someone else.

Feeling justified and entitled to all behaviors, including retaliation and "vengeance", even for very trivial "slights" or "crimes", and even for NON EXISTENT ones (things that never happened, or were NOT "wrong").

Finding or MAKING UP excuses for retaliation because they get a charge, a "high" from it.

Frequently accusing others of being emotional and dramatic for any emotional expression, especially anger at them for something they did.

Often trying to provoke or control emotions, moods, and emotional reactions in others.

Feeling anger when another person seems to be unaffected by their provocation and control tactics.

Believing that all of one's opinions, perceptions, assumptions, judgments, and emotions are correct, and represent objective reality. Little to no self-doubt, speculation, or suspended belief.