Hate Women Hate Men

Do you hate women?   Do you hate men?     


Not the simple, easy, surface excuses, but what exactly was it that happened in your life, to you, personally, that led you to this intensely emotional reaction?

When we remove the factor of gender (and race) from people's behavior, it becomes clear that manipulation, immaturity, arrogance and abusiveness can be seen in both sexes and all races. We tend to try to group people by physical traits like ancestry, race, sex, and wealth when we feel anger or hatred, AND when we feel admiration and want someone to follow. But the FACT is that any way you group humans this way, you'll find both ends of the spectrum: incredible immaturity on one end, and beautiful wisdom on the other.

It's harder to see wisdom, because it's usually drowned out by the noise of the ignorant and pompous, even when it's trying to shout to be heard. The immature always try to out-shout and shut down those who care about others and about the world we live in.

So it may seem like a whole group of people is ignorant, manipulative, arrogant or mean, but that's because the noisy immature are always out in front, they're the ones who are seen and heard the most because they're always trying to dominate others.

Stop grouping people by PHYSICAL traits, and start looking at their actual behaviors, regardless of their sex and race. And regardless if you like them already or not. There's need for self-protection in our world, but hate just makes us ignorant.