"Being Tough"

If a community, a social living group, of humans is mentally and emotionally healthy, then they would learn "toughness" from doing and learning the tasks that help the group survive and thrive.

If a community is NOT mentally and emotionally healthy, then children would be "made to get tough" in order to deal with the OTHER HUMANS' aggressive and manipulative behavior in the group.

In a healthy community, humans are focused on "dominating" and "conquering" the actual TASKS ahead of them. They may PLAY AT GAMES where they dominate and conquer one another in the game, but that's a FUN activity that's not taken seriously.

In unhealthy communities, there are large amounts of hostility and aggression between the members, because they are NOT WORKING TOGETHER FOR SURVIVAL OR PROGRESS, BUT WORKING AGAINST ONE ANOTHER FOR PERSONAL GAIN AND STATUS.

It has nothing to do with Political ideals, it's about where the FOCUS of the members of the community rests.

"Community" exists where there are a number of humans living in a region. The way they ACT and the atmosphere they CREATE is up to the members of the community.

The more bullies, narcissists, and sociopaths a community has, the more hostile the atmosphere is for ALL of the members. A hostile atmosphere breeds defensiveness and more hostility, and children born into it are immediately thrust into the climate. They grow up trying to fit in somehow, trying to avoid getting hurt and intruded upon.

Basically, if you're not surrounded by a******s, you aren't focused on "being a tough guy".
You're focused on what needs to be done, and who needs help, and what can be done to make it better, better for the future, and that includes "more fun".

If you're not surrounded by a******s, you don't grow up being told that acting like one is FUN, or funny, or cool. Nor do you develop daily habits in speech and image that let others know how "tough" you are so they won't try to dominate you with some kind of bully tactics.