Free-floating Fatigue

If you find you're very fatigued and don't really know why, trying listening objectively to observe what other people around you do and say on a regular basis.
The fatigue could actually be from the content of conversation around you, or from negativity or control in attitude and behavior around you.
Fatigue can also be from diet, illness, physical or mental exhaustion, or lack of oxygen.
But if it's from the environment and people around you, then it will be very helpful to find that out. 

To demonstrate how surrounding social behavior affects a person, observe how you feel after watching an episode of Jerry Springer, for example. Try watching more than one in a row. Really observe how you feel, and then compare that to the way you feel after taking a walk on a beach on a sunny day, or taking a warm shower or bath, or spending time with a pet, or watching a show or movie with creativity and happy, positive content.

Also, Music we listen to influences our moods and even brain activity directly. It's not JUST an expression and validation of one's feelings and point of view, it's also an influence. So if you want to feel depressed, listen to dirges about depressing circumstances, hard times, and regret; if you want to feel sorry for yourself, listen to songs that lament about how life is so hard and lovers are so cruel; if you want to feel hostile, angry, and aggressive, listen to music that reflects those moods; if you want to feel calm, listen to songs that combine positive lyrics with harmonious music.

If you want to feel optimistic, happy, or strong, choose your music wisely. Absolutely pay attention to the lyrics and the attitude, not just the beat and the sound.