What It's Like To Be A Target Of A Narcissist

If you don't know what it feels like to be a Target of a Narcissist, and you want to learn:
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~Ask someone to follow you around all day and randomly sit in your lap whenever they want attention, no matter what you're doing.

~Ask them to climb on your back and ride on you, directing you where to go, while you're walking in the store, at work, or in the park.

~Ask them to go with you to the store and tell you what to buy for yourself, and criticize anything that you pick.

~Have them stand between you and anyone you're trying to speak to.

~Tell them not to respond or reply to anything you say, including direct questions.

~Tell them to change the subject back to themselves any time you talk about anything.

~Ask them to walk in front of you when you're going somewhere,  stand in front of you to block your view of anything you're looking at.

~Ask them to watch, assess, and correct everything you do.

~Tell them that anything at all that you talk about is a request for their advice.

~Explain to them to think of you, see you, and hear you as categorically inferior to them ( in nearly every way), and to treat you as such.

~Explain to them that they are now in charge of you, because they're smarter, stronger, more experienced, and generally better than you (regardless of reality), and to treat you as such.

~Ask them to praise others profusely, comparing them to you, and to give others your money and your stuff.

~Ask them to purposely treat others visibly better than they treat you, and with obviously more respect.

~Tell them to stare at you, and to critique your appearance all the time.

~Tell them to behave only according to their emotions, reactions, and cravings, and not to apply values, respect, or ethics to their behavior.

~Ask them to make a LIST OF RULES for you to live by, according to how they view your sex, ancestry, size, age, and overall appearance.

~Have them follow you around with a magnifying glass, like Sherlock Holmes, critiquing everything you do and say, and have them feel entitled to do so as if they're your personal authority and keeper.

~Ask them to counter or invalidate every thing you say, "No I don't think that's true... No, you shouldn't feel that way....That's not a good restaurant, the one I like is better....You didn't see an eagle, it was probably a hawk...No, it's not going to rain...No, asparagus is very good, you're wrong....No, I didn't notice that he treated you that way, you're exaggerating...No you're wrong, it's like this..."

~Ask them to narrate everything they see, hear, and feel, and announce everything they've done all week, all month, and all year, and everything they're going to do.

~Tell them to interrupt you every time you speak, especially if there are other people present.

~Tell them not to answer when you call them or message them, but to complain that they can't get in touch with you.

~Ask them to make insulting, demeaning remarks about you and to you when others are present.

~Ask them to REDO or rearrange anything and everything that you did, including your own stuff, your own work, and your own appearance, because you didn't do it "right" or "good enough".

~Tell them to threaten you with abandonment, rejection, eviction, disinheritance, ruin, slander, or physical harm every time they feel UPSET with you ~ (whether you did anything wrong or not, and regardless of the triviality of whatever they're upset about).

Or a shortcut:

~Let them boss you around all day long, with you doing literally ONLY what they want you to do, and NOTHING ELSE. This includes food, grooming, clothing, sleep, any activities, work, bill paying, spending, who you talk to and what you say, appointments, speech, emotions, what TV shows you watch, or whether you watch TV, making your bed, the way you make coffee, whether you DRINK coffee or not, the way you walk, etc.
~If you forget and do something that you want or need to do, without their permission, tell them to "punish" you somehow, by giving you the cold shoulder, raging, raging with crying, calling others to tell them you're abusing them, saying or doing something mean to you, threatening to hit you, actually hitting you, not allowing you to eat or sleep, making you lose your job, slandering you to others, or destroying or hiding your stuff.

Do this for at least at least a week straight, with absolutely no interruption or break, and without talking to anyone else about any of it; no outside allies, no support, no "whining" to others.