Hottie Award Goes To...

A common Narcissist. behavior:  Competing with others for physical attractiveness, on a pretty regular basis, in random groups, and especially competing for the attention of those who are in a relationship.

Narcissists who compete for the "Hot Guy" or "Hot Girl" award do it whether others are aware of this competition they're holding for themselves or not. Typically, of course, they think that EVERYONE is competing like they are, that's why they feel "victorious"; they think they've "won" against other competitors when someone gives them attention.

Another person whom a Narcissist sees as very good-looking, or whom they think others find attractive, is a direct threat, so they often target them straight away; either bullying them directly, trashing them behind their back, or trying to "steal" their partner. (A loyal genuine partner would of course NOT take the bait, even for a minute.)

Narcissists often purposely TRY to get "sexual" attention from those in committed relationships; if they succeed, they feel that they've "WON" and proven themselves "superior" to the person's partner. Often when they don't succeed, they feel contempt and resentment toward the person and the person's partner; they may devalue the original target, or they may become fixated.   

This "looks competition" is another developmental stage that most adolescents and young adults go through when they're reaching sexual maturity, naturally wanting to be attractive to others, and trying to gauge their own attractiveness. Those who develop Narcissism, but ALSO many who were traumatized during childhood but don't actually have NPD, can get stuck in this stage, trying to gather self-confidence via other people's attraction to them. A non-NPD person can heal from this by healing from trauma effects, and healing their boundaries and self-confidence levels.
(True NPDs are usually more obvious than others with this behavior.)