Our Modern Era, Self-Destruction, Or Growing Up?

The current era we live in has
A. more people than ever before
B. more people living much longer
C. more mass media and mass communication than ever
D. Several generations alive at the same time
E. Several generations with completely different childhoods alive at the same time
F. Several generations who each believe that they're "RIGHT" alive at the same time
G. Several cultures and generations with extremely varying degrees of bigotry, prejudice, superiority, and ego issues alive and living in the same regions.
H. Several cultures and generations with varying experiences of serious childhood trauma from wars, culture upheaval and dysfunction in family or community alive at the same time.
I. Mass ease of travel and connectivity, moreso than ever before
J. More wealth overall, MUCH more, including in poor communities, than ever before
K. With all this wealth, communication, and travel, apparently less awareness than ever before, probably due to the overwhelm from the mass media and internet
L. Less awareness and practice of one of the most important things in the human species for maintaining civil society:  "Basic Manners": common courtesy and active respect and care for other human beings and for one's self.
M. More self-righteousness, arrogance, clique-behavior, and control issues than ever before (due to the increased general wealth; the less a human has to struggle to survive (actually survive), the more a human is prone to arrogance, self-pity, self-righteousness, and power-seeking). 

IF humans began teaching and practicing genuine CIVILITY, HUMILITY, and COURTESY once again, (which means treating others with courtesy and respect whether they "like" them or "agree with" them or not), actively and purposely, at least half of the problems on the planet would be instantly alleviated, and the other half would have a hope for solution or for learning how to cope with them better.

Practicing civility includes gracefully dealing with others who don't display the same manners or point of view, and having compassion for those who are apparently unable.
It does not mean "allowing people to treat you like crap", and it ALSO means not "retaliating" every time one feels some kind of uncomfortable emotion, like feeling left out, disrespected, envious or jealous.  

It takes confidence, inner strength and a strong enough comprehension ability to understand why it's important, and to continue to practice it regardless of the circumstances one finds themselves in.

It's definitely not "fair" for the burden of civilization to be shouldered by only those who understand how the dynamics of human interaction work and affect the "big picture", but that's how it is, and how it's always been, apparently since the dawn of Homo Sapiens. There are those who have awareness, and those who don't but will, and there are those who never will.

Those who are aware are the ones who others feel validated by and learn from, and become examples themselves for others to learn from and feel validated by. Without them, there is no awareness at all. There are a great many humans who live by their desire for personal gain and dominance compulsions, and they WILL and DO "take over" if they can, which is often their main goal.

Arrogance ALWAYS thinks it can do a better job, regardless of actual ability, simply because arrogance desires recognition and power much more than it cares about the actual situation, gathering information, or finding solutions.   

The dynamics of human behavior is a systems-issue, one must have the ability to grasp all of the components of the system, how they affect one another (cause and effect), and how they cause an outcome, in order to understand how the system works. There are those who do understand that cause and effect exists, but many of them don't grasp that there are more variables than they can see or understand, and that the best anyone can do is TRY.

Without GENUINE civility being practiced purposely by at least a large portion of the population, the species will turn on itself and tear down progress that it has made, as it always has throughout its existence on Earth.

So it really IS "up to you", it might be one of the reasons that you were born; to BE WHO YOU ARE and keep DOING what you do. Self-awareness, purposeful civility and compassion, and humility are NOT the "norm" in Homo Sapiens; the survival of the species, and of civilization, RELIES ON those who do have those attributes. It can't exist without them, without you.
You're not alone, even though it can feel that way, but this is the way it has always been. You are NEEDED, you make a HUGE DIFFERENCE, probably much more than you may be able to see.