Not Fitting In

Whatever the general Bias is in your area, if you're not "one of them", whoever "them" happens to be, then they're probably not going to be supportive or fair toward you.

And in order to avoid rejection, sabotage, or various forms of attack, (depending on the severity of the dysfunction in the area), then you would need to behave in a submissive, abasing, super-sweet, compliant way, never standing up for yourself or others, never saying anything about anything they do no matter how corrupt, self-serving, incompetent, or cruel. You would have to "kiss a***s" all day in order to remain "accepted".

That is, if you're not "one of them". If you are "one of them", then you would have to do something pretty terrible in order to get rejected.

Picture it like "Royal Blood" and peasants.
If the bias in the region is FOR those of Arab descent and against those of Nigerian descent, then the Arabic descent people will live above reproach, controlling everything, living above laws, rules, and regulations, and the Nigerian descent people will be under a microscope about anything and everything.
If the bias is FOR Italian descent and against Irish descent, then the Italian descent people will create cliques and control everything, and "support their own", regardless of actual rules or laws, and the Irish descent people will be under a microscope about anything and everything they do or say. .
Or, vice versa.

If the bias in the region is FOR males and against females, then everyone (including most of the females) will enable and support males to control everything and run everything, and live above rules, laws, regulations, values, and social graces, but females will be under a microscope, being blocked and judged for everything they do or say. And of course the males in the region are also subject to whatever ancestral bias there is, and other social biases.

If it's a "jock town", then sports people will be treated with normal respect by one another, and they are very likely to treat those who are interested in other things with much less respect.

Etc, etc.

Humans have a huge tendency toward bias and bigotry, much bigger than most (including most scientists) are willing to admit.

A region or smaller group that does not purposely teach and practice strong values about fairness, respecting others, and civility is very likely to fall back into the lower human habits of bias, prejudice, bias-hierarchies and domination-seeking.