Power Tripping Self-Righteousness (On Either The "Left" or The "Right")

Self-righteousness is the same, and for the same reasons, whether it's on the Left or the Right side of the aisle, or even outside the building.

A person with Self-righteousness likes it when he or she finds an excuse to feel offended, because it's an opportunity for a display of moral superiority, which translates to feeling control, belonging, innocence, and power.

It doesn't matter what the speech or action is that they're offended about, nor do they care if they interpreted the speech or action correctly.

If one observes, one will see that those who have Self-righteousness issues are not actually interested in the plights or problems of those around them. They are not interested in reviewing or hearing facts. They are not interested in hearing the points of view of others. They are not interested in calm and intelligent discussion, and sharing of information. They are not interested in respect toward others.

They are also not interested in improving or repairing relationships between themselves and others, or standing up for anyone who's not already in their clique, (or standing up for anyone at all), or hearing apologies, or apologizing themselves.

It's a feeling of vindication, moral superiority, moral high-ground, self-righteousness, and inclusion in a group they believe to be above others that they're after, regardless of facts, regardless of the situation, regardless of past and present, and regardless of the negative effects and consequences they have on others.