Why Does Everything Suck... No Rocket Science Required

The more integrity in a community, the more confident, capable, ethical and strong each member feels and behaves, no matter their age, sex, financial or marital status, level of education, or job. Progress, humility, gratitude and good friendships and relationships come easy and are not taken for granted, no one gets trampled; individuals don't have to fit in to a cookie cutter mold in order to be treated with decency by others. They are supported to rise closer to their real potentials without pomp or extra effort; not just certain people, but all of them.

The less integrity in a community, the less confident many are, and the more arrogant and unethical others behave.
True integrity, genuine ethics, self-control, fairness, and empathy (not the same as sympathy or pity) purposely practiced by all members of a community, or at least most, regardless of their financial status, are the requirements for  real civilization.

Without them, we have what we have now. Chaos, self-righteousness, power-tripping, fear-mongering, and martyr-complexes all over the place.

All it would take to cure our current societal ailments is a little effort toward self-control and maturity.