Religion And Male Supremacy

There actually are religious teachings and writings that specifically instruct that males are superior to females, and therefore have automatic authority over them. Obviously not the "word of God", because it directly contradicts the teachings about humility, cooperation, and respecting one another. There is no humility in subjugation, it's simply not possible, because it requires superiority.

If one sex gets to be superior to the other and have natural authority over the other, and that was actually the word of God, then that would apply to anyone and everyone regardless of their mental health state, status, wealth, or job. In other words, if males have natural authority over females, then the man down the street who watches child porn and plots retaliation against his neighbors for playing music he doesn't like has "natural authority" over all the women in the neighborhood, the female doctors at the hospital, the female state troopers, your mother, my mother, our daughters, and all of the women in the world. Natural authority is natural authority, status is status. It's either real, or it's not.

It would not be any different for a religion to create reasons for women to have entitled natural authority over all men. Would that be fair, or right? Of course not, and neither is the other way around, both are simply about ego and desire for control.

Many also claim, in the name of religion, superiority over others due to ancestry. Same thing, either it's real and absolute, if it's God's word, or it's not. Either there are actually ancestries that deserve natural authority over the others, or there are NONE, for any reason whatsoever. And since there is no such thing as "pure ancestry" with a straight line back to the first humans, and "race" is simply a matter of chromosomes that are switched on or off, it's really a silly card to play. "Races" are no more separate species than the sexes.

There also are now, and have been throughout the centuries many individuals, including Constantine, who specifically chose/choose certain writings, and dispensed of others, and purposely made sweeping decrees and publications, and built with their ample resources very large organizations in order to justify their power, and keep themselves, their descendants, and their sex in power.

Humility and subjugation do not exist in the same place, ever.
One can not be humble and superior at the same time.
Humility, cooperation, and respect, however, all go hand in hand.