The Lion And The Field Mouse

The Lion And The Field Mouse
by Mimi Black

A field mouse lives in a hole in the lions' cage
at the zoo. The only food and water she gets is what
she can glean from the lion’s daily rations, and from
what she can find outside the cage, where she must
avoid being caught and killed by humans and other
predators such as birds and roaming cats.
She learned to avoid cheese-baited traps when
the end of her tail was cut off by one of them
snapping down on her when she tried to gather the
cheese. She has lived in the hole in the lions' cage
for three years, and has successfully raised babies,
in spite of the obstacles she must face every day.
The lions try to catch her when they see
her, but so far have not been successful.
The lions are fed and given water, health checks,
attention and affection by the zookeepers;
the mouse only gets chased with a broom.
Everyone is careful about how they treat the lions
because of their teeth, claws, and bad temper,
but no one is careful about how they treat the mouse,
because they don’t fear her. 
No one protects her, and unlike the lions,
she is usually alone, with no one to help her.  

Which is tougher, the lion or the mouse?