Codependency and Judgment

Codependency uses judgment as a way to feel good about one's self. This is learned from someone else at some point in childhood.
"She is always late, she's a bad person."
"His car is rusty, he's a bad person."
"Her car is dirty, she's not as good as us."
"She's pretty, therefore she is stuck up."
"He's clean cut, therefore he is not masculine enough."
"He likes different music, he's not as cool...
as us."
"She talks to that person, she must be having sex with him."
"She talks to them, she must be doing drugs with them."
"They play rock music, they must be drug users."
"She doesn't smoke pot, therefore she is 'high and mighty'"
etc etc etc
"He doesn't have a college degree, he must be stupid, lazy, or shiftless."
"She's nice, she must be weak, naive, dumb"
"She's nice AND pretty, she must be weak, naive, dumb, and promiscuous"
"He's single and not a jerk, he must be gay"
"She likes to build and fix things, she must be gay"
"I don't like her dress, she is a bad person"
"She is friendly to both my husband and I, she must be after him"
"She smiled at me, she must want "it", and she's "easy""
"He has nice clothes, he must be rich"
"He seems smart, he must be a good person, and succesful"
It goes on and on and on.