Being Human

Signs of a mature and secure Human Being:

~Straightforward and honest
~Supportive of the other people in their life
~Compassionate toward the other people in their life
~Respects themselves enough to be respectful toward others
~Recognizes and respects the boundaries and dignity of others, as well as their own.
~Has the emotional, mental, and physical health of others as a regular top priority, as well as their own.
~Protects the reputations of their partner, children, family and friends
~Is strong enough to mean what they say, and say what they mean
~Is secure enough to admit mistakes and to feel remorse for causing pain or problems
~Is strong enough to care about others as well as themselves
~Would step in front of a bus for their partner, children, family or friends, not throw them under one.
~Would rather choose to do what they know is "right" than betray someone for personal gain, comfort, or satisfaction.
~Does not try to manipulate others, control others, or fool others to get what they want and avoid consequences, and knows why those things are wrong.
~Makes genuine commitments willingly and openly.
~Doesn't ever fake commitments he or she is not serious or genuine about.
~Knows what "Tolerance", "Being Real", and "Peace, Love, and Understanding" really are.

~M. M. Black 2013