Blinded By The Shaving Cream

Seriously, how is it possible that so many humans embrace prejudice, or pretend it's not happening, or dive under into the murky, suffocating depths of "That's the way things just are!"



It's like not noticing a giant zit in the middle of your own forehead.

Or ignoring the cougar staring at you from the neighbor's yard.

"Lalala, if I don't look at it, it doesn't exist!"

Ignoring the meth lab next door... and we all know people do that, so apparently it's the same thing. 

Prejudice, Superiority Complexes, the desire for Domination and the act of accepting and submitting to Domination (in order to stay in the comfort of the group and not get picked on, ostracized, or killed) are just the result of a few monkey traits in Homo Sapiens, and these traits are shared with our close cousins, the Chimpanzees, whether any of us likes it or not.

If we were as evolved as we think we are, the stupid, stupid issues we "deal with" that cause us SO MUCH STRESS just wouldn't exist. And that would look like: NO ONE feels superior or supreme, EVERYONE is accepted, NO ONE tries to hurt others, or act out like a toddler, NO WARS would exist, and we would all be unhappy only because of really big things that are ACTUALLY beyond our control, like Earthquakes and disease and accidents.

Some days it's almost funny...