God Complex

One of the stranger things seen often in Narcissism is putting human beings in the place of a deity. Seeing certain humans as god-like, or as actual gods. And therefore seeing other humans as lesser creatures in comparison.
This may be directly connected to the delusional, fantastical perception of the world and of themselves that Narcissists tend to have. Again, normal childhood stages that got stuck, and then internalized into part of their belief system.

So if Elvis is god, or Jimi Hendrix, or the mayor, or the pastor, or Buddha, or their Tai Chi sensei, or the Football coach, or one of their relatives, then what does that make other people, like their kids, their partner, other relatives, anyone else?

Then they have to decide whether they themselves are one of those god-people, or if they aren't.

If they decide that they are, then all the world is under their subjection, and they have entitlement to the throne of supremacy. (God complex).

If they decide that they are NOT, for whatever reason, maybe they're more aware, or aware of consequences others might impose on them for acting like a god, then they associate themselves with these god-people instead.

Either way, everyone else is just a lowly creature (in the N's mind) who should be in awe and worship of these god-people... and if they're not, they're just ignorant, crazy, dumb, or jealous...