Buying Into Politics

The lifeblood of a Political career is that your constituents buy into the belief that you and your Party are the "good guys" and the other Party are the "bad guys". Then they all focus on the "bad things" the other party is doing, and completely ignore, or make excuses for, what you're really doing. It's typical Narc. manipulation, no different than Narc. manipulation found in personal life or business, just less direct and so less obvious.
So is casting shame on a target (the other party; individuals who belong to the other party).
Without these tactics, humans lose interest and don't follow or vote because they don't feel like they're personally involved. Inciting emotion in voters about each party is the only thing that keeps them in office, especially in such a dysfunctional society.
If you believe that politicians from both sides of the aisle aren't doing this on purpose, think again. They want your votes, so they're trying to get your "loyalty", so they create a "good guy" image of themselves, and smear the other party. Just like Narcissists do in regular life. It's POLITICS, it's not reality.

You will find these same tactics in advertisements. Remember the Coke vs. Pepsi commercials? Give us a break, it's soda pop... let's create RIVALRY between people who like Coke, and people who like Pepsi... And how many people fell for that?!

You'll find the same tactics being used over and over by those whose jobs and careers depend on Public Opinion and Loyalty. Like comedians and journalists, and talk show hosts on television, especially those who regularly commentate on politics, "social issues", and government. They are careful to stay in line with who their audience THINKS they are, because that's where the money is. Lose the audience by saying the "wrong thing", lose your paycheck. It's that simple. If you think they're "Super Rebels" and actually always speak their real mind, think again, they all have writers, producers, and sponsors. And teleprompters.

Look at Major League Sports! Keeping "rivalry" going keeps people buying tickets and feeling loyal to "their team"; it doesn't seem to phase them that team members are being paid huge money to be there, they're not volunteers, they're not "loyal" just because they're so faithful to the team. They get HIRED, they get TRADED, they're not there on that team of their own volition. If Major League Sports didn't pay well, most of those players would be doing something else for a living. If another team offered them more money, they would FLY LIKE THE WIND. Rivalry between "teams" is part of the illusion of the game. They're not GLADIATORS who are fighting for their LIVES, or the lives of their families. They're not soldiers who are fighting for their fans... it's not real, it's a show.

Same as Politics.
All those who hold Office in a country should have the same main interest in mind: the well being of and respect for ALL of the citizens, NOT just the ones who vote for THEM, or who AGREE with them. That's what Narcissists do. 
And that responsibility falls on every citizen as well in a free country. When we stop listening to and trying to understand the Point of View of those in other parties, we have lost our main objective, and our focus. We have willingly become a "nation divided", and that's how Narcissists take over: Divide and Conquer.

It's tried and true, it's been done a thousand times before in governments, and countless times in personal relationships.