More About Narcissistic Injury

A main reason people act unsupportive and dismissive toward others is because of "Narcissistic Injury". One does not have to be diagnosed with NPD, one just needs to have a human ego that's inflated, immature, or weakened, and is attached directly to how one wants to be seen by others.
~"I'm going to purposely not acknowledge you because I'm envious of something you did, or something about you, in order to "punish" you, make you smaller in my mind, try to make you smaller in other people's minds, and make myself feel bigger.

"I'm not going to acknowledge that what I feel is envy or a challenge to my ego identity, because that would mean I'm doing something "wrong" and I don't know how to deal with that; so instead I'm going to blame you, and make it out to be that you're bad.

"Perhaps I'll find flaws about you or what you did or said and inflate them, embellish them, and then tell others, in an attempt to diminish you and make myself feel bigger and better.

"Perhaps I'll try to criticize what you did or said, and point out "flaws in your logic", not for reasons of information exchange and learning, but to try and put you down or humiliate you, or make myself seem smarter or more logical than you.

"If I can't find real flaws, perhaps I'll make some up, or turn normal things about you into flaws, and then tell others.

"Maybe I'll treat you with disrespect or hostility to your face as well. Even better if it's in front of others so they might believe that you deserve to be treated that way.

"Maybe I'll purposely exclude you from social gatherings.

"Maybe I'll tell others that you don't care about them, or don't like them, or are too stuck-up, and that's why you didn't attend the social gathering (but I won't tell them that I secretly excluded you.)

"Maybe I'll even sabotage you by telling someone not to hire you, by putting something negative in your work record, by blocking you from opportunity, work, and resources any way I can.

"I can easily create a "hostile environment" by getting others to go along with me about "disliking" you so that you feel so unwelcome, uncomfortable, frustrated, anxious, hated, or even scared that you will stop coming around or quit your job. Then without you around, I can make sure everyone thinks of you in a bad way with a few choice words and implications.