Superior Humans

Keep in mind that those who feel "superior" or "inferior" have to believe first that there is such a thing.

What criteria, exactly, are they using to judge this?
So if I am taller than you, I'm superior to you, which means you are inferior to me.
If that is a truth, then it is also a truth that anyone who is taller than me is superior to me, and I am inferior to them.

If it's true that you are superior to me because your shoulders are wider and the muscles in your arms are stronger than mine, then it's also an absolute that every person who's shoulders are wider than yours, or who's arms are stronger than yours, is superior to you, and you are inferior to them.

Perhaps it's my ancestry that makes me superior to you and yours. My father's father, his mother, her father, my great great great grandparents, but I went back too far, because I find out that those ancestors crossed another ocean far away from another land altogether. Before that, their grandparents were from another tribe from another place. If I keep going, we will find that we are of the same tribe, from the same place, from the same family.

We have similar skin color, so you can't use that to be superior to me, so what's left? My hair color is different than yours, therefore one of us must be superior, and one inferior. Which one of us gets to decide? Don't we both? Or does only the superior one get to decide?

Perhaps it's my sex, my gender that makes me superior to you; in fact, all of the members of my sex are superior to all of the members of yours. So since we are superior, and you are all inferior, we treat you very, very well, and make sure you feel very good about yourselves at all times. We know it must be difficult for you being so inferior, so we are very careful not to ever hurt your feelings or imply that you're lesser than we are. We live our lives being extremely kind, very respectful, and caring for your every need and want. We include you in every activity, teach you everything we know. We never insult or demean you; why would we? Superiors have no reason to oppress or diminish inferiors, because they're no threat.
We include you in every decision because we want you to feel wise. We take everything on our strong shoulders and wise minds, willingly and happily. You are like children and we are wise, strong elders, so we are very, very careful about making sure you are happy, secure, safe, and feel very respected and loved. Since we include you in all things, you don't even know that you're actually inferior, we would never want you to feel that way.

Perhaps it's the money in my pocket. I have less than you do, so that must mean I'm inferior, or does it mean I'm superior? I can't remember which is which...

Who is the judge, who makes up these rules, and are they the same everywhere, in every country, every tribe, every time period, every family?

If one of them is not believed to be true in one place, then why is another believed?

Who is perpetuating them if no one believes them?