Proving My ~~~ Hood

You really have to wonder about cultures that tell children they need to act a certain way and do certain things in order to BECOME the sex they already ARE.

What happens if they don't do those things, do their sex organs get sucked up into their bodies at the age of 21?

I don't thiiiink sooooo....

How about let's teach kids how to discern right from wrong, and treat others with civility and good will, regardless of their sex? Let's let them actually learn about what they're interested in, instead of dictating to them what they're ALLOWED to learn about and NOT ALLOWED to learn about, just because they were born male or female?

That would be too hard, wouldn't it...
we can only be happy if we have other people under our proverbial thumbs, huh?
So we can prove that we have thumbs?
Sorry, I forgot...