Why Does It Bother You If You're Not A Bigot?

It's only bigots who hate it when people bring up prejudices like sexism and racism; I don't abuse animals, so it doesn't "get on my nerves" when people post about animal cruelty. It gets on my nerves when the Humane Society runs those very, very long commercials in the middle of the show I'm watching, but that's because they are trying to manipulate me into watching their very long commercial by running it in the middle of the show. It's not the CONTENT that bothers me, it's the fact that if I want to watch the show, I'm forced to deal with the long commercial.
When another human being brings up bigotry, and ESPECIALLY when they're talking about something that happened to them personally, what the hell reason would I have for trying to "shut them down", or argue with them? There's only one reason why I'd argue with a person who was upset about getting treated unfairly or with obvious bigotry, and that would be... that I feel defensive. Because I see myself in what they're upset about. I want it to be perfectly okay to treat a man like he's stupid just because he's a man, or a white person like they're arrogant just because they're white, or be dismissive toward Native Americans when they talk about what's happened to them. Maybe it makes me feel powerful, and like I fit in with everyone else who's habitually bigoted. Maybe I like it when I can get a laugh by making fun of women, or women who look a certain way, so I don't want it to change, so I want the upset person to shut up about it, even if they're one of my "friends" or family members.
I don't want it to change because I think it serves ME, I don't give a crap about how it affects anyone else, they're not as real as I am anyway. Right? Right. It's just the way things are... lol.

"What's she writing about now? Something else that I feel defensive about?!? How dare she post stuff that I don't like! Who does she think she is, a real person like me???! I shouldn't have to read things that make me uncomfortable!!!" lmbo.