Child Bullying, Preventing Future Narcissistic Abusers and Targets

"Eyes On Bullying" is a well-built website about bullying, and with advice on teaching children how to deal with bullies in their environment as well as teaching them better social skills so they know better than to bully others.

Adults who are bullies and Narcissists, however, will eschew, twist, or reject this kind of information.
Bullies typically teach children TO BULLY, and will ASSIST children who bully in targeting others, as well as "protect" children who bully from accountability. So, if you are in a childcare environment and you would like to implement some of the excellent advice on "Eyes On Bullying" (or similar sites), do remember that other adults who have Narcissism traits will probably do the opposite, fight it, counter it, counter you, and also may pretend to follow the advice to make themselves look good to others, but won't actually be doing it. Assuming that other adults in a childcare/school setting are following guidelines for childcare and social skill/behavior teaching can actually make an environment worse, because no one is watching to see if they're really following the implementation or not, and children who get bullied won't be believed or protected because everyone is assuming that the guideline are being "correctly followed". So it must be the child's "fault"...
Victim-blaming is a number-one Narcissism behavior.

Do go over the information, and implement it with the awareness that Narcissistic adults often pretend to be the perfect model of caregiving, compassion, and compliance to those who they think are watching them, and to those they think "matter".