Mastery Of Skill And Subject: Effects Of Narcissistic Abuse

What is one of the main things that people with Codependency, Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, general anxiety, and general PTSD/CPTSD have in common?

Boundary-health issues. The person's natural boundaries are not healthy and strong, they are weakened from trauma, abuse, neglect, assault, ostracism, humiliation, exhaustion, fear, domination, survival; basically from a list of things that has happened to them in the past or are still going on, many which may have been inflicted on them by other humans.
Healing one's boundaries is tantamount to recovery, which means learning the difference between "walls" and "boundaries".

Another thing that many or most people referred to above have in common is a result of dealing with different kinds of human Controllers throughout their lives:

The burying, forgetting, or pushing aside one's belief in one's OWN ABILITY TO MASTER SKILLS and knowledge.

Other people who have bully, ego, and/or sex and race role issues can and do often convince another person that they are not capable of a certain task, of LEARNING a certain task, of PERFORMING a certain task after they've learned it, of REMEMBERING how to do a certain task, or retaining the knowledge required.

After a while, the tactic of convincing a person they can't learn or perform a task is repeated so many times that a target person can also be convinced that simply the ACT OF MASTERING SOMETHING is NOT something that they, personally, are capable of.

To put it starkly: Bullying and abuse can convince a person with the same IQ and capability as Albert Einstein that he/she would be UNABLE to learn how to build a shelf, drive a car, or balance their checkbook. That is not an exaggeration, it actually happens.

That's how deep and severe bullying and narcissistic abuse can go, and often does.


One may become avoidant of learning new things, of taking classes, of taking in information and remembering it. One can become DISTRUSTFUL of their own memory, even if it was "photographic". One may "forget" how to do math, even if they used to enjoy "higher math". One may become overwhelmed with anxiety when they think about general maintenance of their house or car.

One can buy into the belief that has been projected onto them that they are not capable of MASTERY, and therefore should just avoid trying and learning altogether.

REALITY IS that ALL HUMANS are capable of MASTERY.

There is no skill, there is no subject, there is no knowledge that is "only for some" and "not for others" on this Earth.
Every human can learn about every subject and every skill.
Every human has the potential to MASTER the skill that they put their focus on.
From balancing and understanding finances, to playing the piano, to human psychology, to driving a race car, to knitting, to master craftsmanship, to child care, to communication, to electronics, to zoology, to painting, to piloting a plane or a boat; the list is infinite.

Mastery is something that most children ENJOY.