Rage And Narcissistic Injury Vs. Anger About Disrespect

"Narcissistic Injury" rage vs. standing up for one's self with an emotional expression, in simplified analogy:

This can be seen in real life if one goes to a Poker tournament or a Chess tournament, especially where the stakes are very low and the "prize" is just winning the game, not money or another significant award.

The player who suffers humiliation because he or she did not WIN the game, and goes into a rage (either a quiet, seething rage or an obvious ranting rage), is experiencing Narcissist Injury. He or she is perceiving an injury to the ego-identity as The One Who Is The Best At Chess or Poker, or The One Who Always Wins, or He/She Who Is Unbeatable, or Smartest One, or Most Skilled in the room. They are humiliated to be seen as being beaten, as losing, as not the winner.
They mentally place labels and titles on themselves and on others, so when those labels and titles are upturned, they are thoroughly humiliated, embarrassed, and angry, which they react to with rage.

Standing up for one's self would be more like showing annoyance or anger (not rage) that an opponent is cheating, or that an opponent is not playing by the rules, or that an opponent is trying to use personal attack in order to bully other players and cause them to lose focus (like sexist or racist remarks, insults about a person's family, or trying to insult a person's body, looks, or personality).

When one actually rages in self-defense regarding things such as another person cheating, bullying, threatening, or making personal insults, it may be from PTSD.
Those with Narcissism may also rage for these reasons, but they are more likely to rage in reaction to being caught or called out about doing one of them.