Three Men Walk Into A Bar

Many women who grow up in communities that overtly disrespect, diminish, and belittle females will take on these attitudes and perceptions against their own sex as well. Even put themselves down, and buy into negative stereotypes about how ditzy, weak, and incompetent they are.
 (Haha, that's so funny... look at that dumb bitch... who does she think she is...look at her, trying to be all tough... look at her, thinking she's so smart...)

That's how strong the instinct is for human beings to fit in.

A person who grows up in a community where discrimination, bias, and prejudice has been normalized will often take on those biases and prejudices themselves, even if and when they're against their own race, sex, body type, or racial features, and even when they're against members of their own family.

To belong, to fit in, and to be liked and accepted by those around them means adapting to whatever the group around them does, says, thinks is funny, thinks is important, and believes. To stand up for "what's right" usually means getting rejected or attacked by the rest of the group.

So if the Status Quo in a certain community is bias against Hispanics, then anyone, including non-Hispanics, who stand up against it or who refuse to participate will be REJECTED by the group.

If the Status Quo in a certain community is bias FOR males and AGAINST females, then jokes that are disrespectful to men and boys are taken with great offense, and jokes that are disrespectful to women and girls are "hilarious".
The budget for the schools and community will be imbalanced in favor of activities, business, recreation and opportunities for males, and if anyone point it out, or even brings it up, they will be REJECTED by the group.

If the Status Quo in a certain community is bias against certain Caucasian ancestry or racial features (like Italians, or Irish, etc.) then EVERYONE "has to" go along with the bias and racism, including those who are of the ancestry, and even if that bias means they LOSE education, career, business and housing. Anyone who stands up against the bias will be REJECTED by the "group", with malice, because fitting in with the group, no matter how ridiculous and blatant the bias is, is more important to them than real values and doing what's right.

Whatever the Status Quo of the community is, that's what everyone who wants to fit in will adapt, and will NOT stand up against, no matter how ridiculously and blatantly wrong it is. Those who are USING the community's obvious bias to make MONEY for themselves will always instigate and perpetuate the local prejudices, and be the first ones to try to insult and belittle anyone who stands up against it, or who refuses to go along with it.

This is the basis for the "big picture" of Narcissism.

If there is prejudice and bias in a given community, organization, business, or other group, either sexist, racist, or any other "ist", you can bet that there is Narcissism and corruption underneath. They need the group bias to keep control and power.