Self-Promotion, Worldly Success, Narcissists

One of the ways many Narcissists achieve apparent worldly success in various endeavors is with self-promotion. A lot of it.

Without a filter, and without humility, self-awareness, or a sense of genuine dignity, along with a rather grand view of one's self, many who are classically Narcissistic rather enjoy promoting themselves, frequently announcing their achievements: big, small, miniscule, or made-up, and talking at length about how they did this lovely thing today for whosit, and that sweet thing for someone else, and that self-sacrificing thing.
When they're doing business, whatever it is, they are always the first, second, fourth, and last to tell others how great, skilled, experienced, talented, and trustworthy they are. They have no problem plastering their name and face all over the place, no matter what their business, skill, experience, or talent actually is.

"I am the best, I am the most wonderful. You should like me, you should believe me, you should agree that I'm great, and that I deserve your recognition, money, friendship, and trust."

Since they do it so much, and since people are highly suggestible, they tend to achieve more success than not with their blatant self-promotion. Once they've got someone invested, that person will defend them to anyone who sees through them.

People are much more likely to DEFEND and SUPPORT a Narcissist/Controller than to defend or support a NON-Narcissist who is just trying to succeed, or even just trying to do something "good".

Because: Narcissists manipulate people to rally for them, and non-Narcissists don't.

If you're struggling to find your own success, Narcissists have a whole bag of "tricks" that are used to achieve success, both socially and in business. Not all of them are unethical, cruel, or immoral, so with healthy boundaries intact, one may find some useful snippets of self-presentation or advertising in that bag. Just be careful about getting your head stuck in it ~:)  .