Getting A "Fix" From Sexism

People who treat members of the opposite sex with disrespect are most likely doing the same thing to members of their own sex.

It may not look the same because they typically use different words, behaviors and methods.

They'll do it to people of other races as well, or the same race.

They'll often do it to anyone who they see as having differences from others, even if THEY HAVE the SAME "different" trait.

They do it to whomever they think they'll get away with doing it to.

It's not a "belief system", no matter what they say, no matter how they try to rationalize their behavior.

It's nothing more than a "fix" they're getting, same as any other drug fix, so they'll get it wherever they can.

There are many mammals who get a charge and a rush out of domination, but Humans are the only ones who make up elaborate excuses to rationalize and justify their behavior.

Humans are the only ones who try to get away with causing harm to others by creating stories and myths. 
but the only ones they're fooling are themselves (ourselves).

There is no other species who has authority or control over Humans.

The stories and excuses that have been spun to rationalize and justify our domination behavior toward one another are intended to fool none other than our own species.