Live To Put You Down: Men Controlled By Narcissists

Narcissists, whether they're male or female, can not be happy unless they feel superior to someone else. So if there is no one around who's actually "inferior", they'll pick someone to be a "Target" for their put downs, condescension, control, insults, and other various dominance and superiority displays.

Since they need their Target to stick around, and not beat the crap out of them when they realize what's going on, they try to pick people who are more easy-going, who appear kind, or who are naive or who appear to be naive, or who appear to be physically smaller or weaker than the Narcissist.

A "bonus" for a Narcissist would be to find a rather large male Target whom they can manipulate to do their bidding and be their sidekick-bodyguard; a person who others might be intimidated by. But they're harder to come by, because they're harder for a Narcissist to control with threats and fear.

Believe it or not, more men than women are personally targeted for control and manipulation by Narcissist men. "How can that be?!" he shouts. "And, why???"

Well, who do other humans respect more, men or women?

Would a Narc. Business Owner hire a male or female manager if their REAL goal was to have someone who would be a "hammer" to the other employees? (So they don't have to be seen as that "hammer"?)

Would a Narc. illegal black market dealer recruit young MEN, or young WOMEN, to distribute their "product" in the "street"?

Which one, a young man or a young woman, is more likely to want to look "cool" or "tough" to Narcissistic men in their town, and would therefore do what those men told them to do?

Which one, a man or a woman, is easier to reward with compliments about their toughness and their physical strength, or their skill and knowledge, so they don't think so much about how they're really being treated, or how much they're really getting paid?

Which one is easier for a boss, dealer, or other kind of "leader" to SEND to do something thuggish, corrupt, or illegal for them?

Which one is actually more afraid of being seen as a "weakling" and getting made fun of for not following along with a male "leader's" personal agenda?

Sure, Narcissists will often condescend to women, treat them like they're stupid, and refuse to hire them. But they WANT to employ MEN for a REASON.
Not because they RESPECT THEM, but because they KNOW HOW TO MANIPULATE THEM, and they know they can get away with it.