Who It's Okay To Hate

Don't HATE me because I'm beautiful... OR because you DON'T GET THE JOKE.

It's only okay to hate people who belong to a different Political Party than you do, or who don't agree with everything you say, or who have different beliefs than you do, or who "make" you feel guilty for acting like a jerk.

It's NOT OKAY to disagree with people who think they're right, because, after all, they're RIGHT!
So if you don't have the exact same point of view, and you SAY that out loud (politely, without ad hominem) you must be INSULTING them, or is it "rebelling against their authority"?
(I can't keep that one straight, it's too confusing for me.)
The rule is basically that when a person feels insulted for any reason, any reason at all, real or imagined, it's now okay for them to HATE the other person.

It's now okay to HATE a person who stands up to you when you have acted or spoken rudely, hostilely, or inconsiderately to them.  This might feel "insulting" to you, and so you might opt to HATE them, perhaps attack them verbally to their face, or try to punish them somehow with social games. Some may want to try their hand at some slander, gossip, sabotage, or smearing.

Oops, almost forgot... it's also now okay to hate people who don't do the same drugs as you do, or who don't do drugs at all, or who DO use drugs.

It's also okay to hate people who have a different amount of MONEY than you do, whether they're richer or poorer, it doesn't matter, as long as it's different than you.

It's still okay to hate people of certain races, if YOU are a certain race, but I can't keep track of which is which, sorry, you'll have to google it.

It's still okay to hate people in your OWN race if they have some kind of physical difference, like the color of their hair or eyes.

It's okay to hate people who are better at something than you are
~who have some kind of talent, either different than yours OR the same as yours

It's now okay to hate people who are genuinely nice and kind to other people (they might stick up for someone who's being disrespected, bullied, or manipulated, wouldn't want that)
and also who look like they might have self-confidence, especially if you don't like them, or don't think they deserve to feel confident (because you don't like them).

(They made those last ones up a couple of decades ago, I keep forgetting about them.)