Trying To Control The Internet

This is the very first time in Human History that people who are not in "Power" can publish their own point of view and their own real experiences. This is the first time in Human History that people who are not being controlled or edited by someone in "Power" can speak freely, sharing their ideas and observations to a group that's larger than their own personal family and friends. This is the first time in Human History that any kind of artist, writer, or scientist can publish his or her own work without having it stopped, controlled, edited, or changed by someone with a "Power" position.

People who desire Power are usually the ones who ARE IN those positions, mostly because they're the ones who do whatever it takes to GET those positions. It's too much effort, stress, and often too much corruption for most people to "do what it takes" to get into those spots, so only those who REALLY WANT IT usually get those positions.

It's always been that way, it will always be that way. Humans who seek POWER often seek ABSOLUTE POWER, or at least as much power and control as they can possibly get. It's what they're "INTO"

So we have a situation, now, where there are still lots of people who sit in "Power Positions", who want to control what other people say and do just like Power-mongers always have, but they CAN'T, because of the internet. Their frustration levels must be THROUGH THE ROOF!

It's like their little brother and sister running away with the remote to the TV! AHHHHH!!!!
"I'm the bigger kid, I should be the one who has control over the remote!"

So yeah, there are DEFINITELY people out there trying to find a way to CONTROL the Internet.
If they can find a way to make it all taxable, they will.
If they could shut it down, they would.