Projecting "Weakness" Onto Others

Both men and women who have Narcissism tend to project weakness onto females and smaller males.

They may project physical weakness, emotional weakness, mental weakness, character weakness, or lack of worldly "power", depending on what they think will "work" on an individual, and what their own ego-identity issues are.

So they might keep implying that a woman they know is physically fragile, weak, or delicate, or that she is fearful and insecure.
They'll do this especially if they're worried that she's NONE of these things. They will often imply it to other people when the woman is absent, or they might imply it about her in her presence, or even right to her face.

If they want her to be physically weak or incapable, they'll just keep SAYING and doing things that imply it, apparently hoping it will come true eventually. So for example when she goes to lift something, they might run over and make a big deal out of helping her, or they might take it right out of her hands. Or if there is something that needs to be done, they might make a big show about getting someone else to do it because it's "So hard" or "too heavy" or "too difficult" for her.

A Narcissist will do similar things when they wish another to have other kinds of weaknesses as well, such as always giving them "constructive criticism" about something they do, especially something they're good at, or about their appearance.
(Counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists who have Narcissism can be especially dangerous with this kind of behavior, because they'll keep implying that a patient's judgment is "off", or that their emotional reactions are not really quite normal, or that they don't UNDERSTAND much about their own mental health, or that of others around them, or of human mental health and behavior in general.
Teachers with Narcissism will also often give skewed feedback to a good student, trying to make the student believe that he or she has not made much progress, or that they're not grasping the material, or that they're not very capable of learning the material.)

The stronger a Target actually is, in any way, shape or form, the more the Narcissist will probably try to diminish them.

On the flip side of this same coin, both male and female Narcissists often project OAFISHNESS onto physically larger people; both adults and children. The implication is that they aren't very bright, that they're clutzy, or that they're ignorant or naive. One can observe that young people who are bullies tend to target either SMALLER children OR LARGER children, and if they don't mature past their envy and domination issues, they'll carry it with them into adulthood.

Obviously this is ALSO an attempt to DIMINISH the person, because their very size alone intimidates the Narcissist and likely causes envy, since humans in general tend to automatically treat taller people with more respect than smaller people.

Those who have Narcissism and who are average height seem to display this sort of behavior (height and size envy, diminishing, and projection) more than taller or shorter people who have Narcissism.