No Jokes Allowed (Except For Mine)

"Losing" your sense of humor is one of the signs of Narcissistic control, abuse, or influence.
Humor is one of the things that both humans and chimps share, and openly laughing can only take place in relatively safe environments.

Because it's also used as a weapon for demeaning and diminishing others, it's a kind of status display. So in a safe environment anyone can laugh and will be joined by others because no one is thinking of it as a status display or a weapon.

But in a Control, bully, status-competition environment, any nearby Narcissists or Controllers will react negatively to someone laughing whom they want control and domination over (whom they want to be higher status than).

Basically, Controllers typically don't like it when others laugh or make jokes unless they're the ones "being funny", or unless they laughed FIRST.

There are tons of films and shows with scenes that illustrate and poke fun at how Controller Narcissists, often depicted as some kind of Big Boss, expect everyone to laugh at all of their jokes, and don't like it when someone else makes a joke or laughs at something other than what the Controller decides is funny.