The Opposite Of Support: Narcissism

Narcissists are not supportive of others who are having any kind of difficulty or hardship, especially on an emotional level.

If you are grieving the death of someone, they will likely be annoyed or bored.

If you are grieving the loss of a relationship, they will likely be annoyed and may say something like "Oh get over it".

If you are injured or ill, they will likely be annoyed and leave you there, alone, and NOT be compelled to help you. They will likely not call for someone else to help, unless they can make it dramatic, or imply that you were "to blame" for your injury or illness.
If you are being attacked, threatened, or abused by someone else, they are likely to act annoyed at you, and will often tell you to "get over it" or to be more understanding of the other person; they may even act protective of the other person.

If you are depressed, they are likely to reject you.
The more severe your depression, the more likely their rejection will be abrupt or cruel. 

If you are upset with them because of something they did or said, they are likely to reject or rage at you, or both.

If you are dealing with some kind of hardship that was or was not your "fault", they are likely to make fun of you either to your face or behind you back, and judge you negatively, but will likely NOT be supportive of you either emotionally or materially.

Severe Narcissists will take the opportunity of a person's hardship to "kick them when they're down" and sabotage their recovery, putting obstacles in their path, blocking solutions, or doing things to remove or prevent support from other people.

A great deal of Narcissistic behavior is about control and domination.

Basically the more "in need" you are for someone else to care, understand, help, comfort, or just be present, the more likely a Narcissist is to do the opposite, and the more severe their reaction will probably be. Their reactions to other people's emotions, situations and needs are opposite to non-narcissists.