Doing What's Right Is Not About Reward Or Popularity

If you're doing "what's right" in the midst of those who regularly try to get out of doing the right thing, what do you expect? A parade?
They're going to at the least, dislike you, and at the worst, turn on you viciously. Those who stand up for others are not called "heroes" or "good" or "strong" when the majority of the crowd are the ones doing the bullying or manipulating, or corruption. They're called much worse, and often by those whom they trusted, who they had thought were friends.
That's why it's a "sacrifice" to stand up and keep doing the right thing, and why it takes so much strength.
It also takes a rather large amount of strength to keep checking one's motives and one's beliefs, and keeping an open mind, maintaining genuine humility; one is no longer doing "the right thing" if the motive is one's ego and stubbornness, or if it's to oppress or bully others.
Standing against the tide gets exhausting, and it never stops, and it never helps you to stand, it keeps trying to pull you under.
So you make a choice, either keep standing up, or give up and let them pull you under.
What you can do when it gets too exhausting is walk away and take a break.
But don't expect anyone who doesn't already get it to "come around' or "wake up", the tide is much too strong for most people.