Good Leadership

Being an arrogant leader is easy. Being a genuine leader is hard.
The first lives inside of ego, and the second inside humility.
The first always believes he or she is correct, righteous, and stronger than all others, simply blaming others for discomfort, for anything that doesn't "line up" correctly, or when there are complaints.
The second is aware that all humans are filled with flaws including themselves, and that he or she does not have all the answers, is not always the best or the brightest in the room, and has not always judged others or the situation correctly.
While the first rarely if ever feels compelled to self-reflect, make adjustments, seek counsel, or re-visit his or her judgments about others, the second knows that there is always reason to self-reflect and do all of these other things.
The first will find that it makes life easier to follow along with hierarchy and the egos of others. The second will find that his/ her humility, truth seeking, and solution seeking will challenge and insult the hierarchy and inflated egos of those around her/him.
Maintaining a sense of self-confidence is easy with arrogance as a companion. Maintaining it with humility as a companion is not so simple.
Being an arrogant leader is easy for the leader, but he or she does little good for those following. Being a good leader is hard, and takes a long time to learn, some say a lifetime.