Love Is Blind; So Is Hate

We talk all the time about how LOVE blinds us to reality about other people, and how infatuation blinds us as well. But we avoid talking about how HATE is just as blinding as LOVE.
We can't see something or someone clearly if we're infatuated with them or if we favor them.
And neither can we see something or someone clearly if we hate.

It's two sides of the same coin.

Hate does not awaken a person's senses or logic.
Anger can, but hate does not.
It acts as a veil over the eyes.

If Love is like a veil of light that makes a people and situations look brighter or colored like roses, sunshine, or blue skies, Hate is like a veil of darkness that makes people and situations look dimmer, more sinister, and blocks out detail and real information.

Both Love and Hate give a person a feeling of power;

Love can make us feel like we can accomplish our goals with ease, like we're beautiful, brilliant, strong, wanted, and supported.

Hate can make us feel like we are stronger THAN, more powerful THAN, and more righteous than another, and that we BELONG with and are accepted and supported by others who also hate for the same reasons we do.

It can be hard to let go of either Love or Hate because of the feelings of power and acceptance that each bring us.
But both are veils over one's vision.
If one seeks information, knowledge, and clear perception, then one must learn to remove the veil.