My Point Of View Is The Only Correct Point Of View

"This is what I like, so you should like it too.

This is what I believe, so you should believe it too.

This is what I think, so you should think it too.

This is how I see you, so you should see yourself this way too.

This is how I see myself, so you should see me exactly the same way.

This is what I think is best, and you should follow my lead.

...if you don't, you're not smart, logical, intelligent, wise, or mature.

...if you don't agree with me, and align your thoughts and feelings with mine, then you must be rebelling against me or attacking me.

...if you don't let me be the leader at all times in all things, (unless I assign you to be the leader for something), then I will attack you.

...if you do or say anything that leads me to feel uncomfortable for any reason, I will attack or reject you.

My point of view is the only point of view, and only I get to decide who else has any intelligence, knowledge, skill, ability, strength, or wisdom.
It certainly won't ever be you; you are lower status than me, because I've decided that you are.

Anything you say or do that's not in alignment with what I think, want, and feel will be considered WRONG, and either a rebellion against me or an attack against me personally.

I will not discuss it with you, I will attack you or reject you.

And if you protest the way I "deal with you", I will simply do more of it until I feel like I've beaten you down, or until I run out of energy, or until I lose interest and focus on someone or something else.

These are not only the POV from just one type of disorder or illness, but from several. Which one(s), if any, a person may have depends on a large number of factors. A lot of personality disorder or mental illness traits (not all) are exaggerated versions of regular human tendencies, and may have been fixed in place at some point in time, or may have been exacerbated and turned around. Some of these behaviors and traits may have simply been taught to the person during their upbringing. (And not excluding the simplest explanation, a lack of learning and opportunity to mature because of one's surrounding environment, or literally because a person is still a child.)

Regardless of what disorder, illness, or maturity level the behaviors come from, the key points are more about us :

How we react to these behaviors

How they affect us

If we have or do some of them

How we are dealing with them

If we and others are safe

Healing from the effects

Dealing with them in a healthy way