Talking About Masculine And Feminine

Why is it so hard to talk about 

  • men's rights
  • women's rights 
  • masculinity
  • femininity
  • gender roles
  • stereotypes
  • sexism
  • sex differences
  • objective reality 
  • B.S. regarding gender that's been perpetuated for eons and still is

One simple reason why it's so difficult:

Human Ego Identity

People want things to be a certain way, THEIR way, the way that FEELS GOOD to THEM.

That's why it's so hard to have a conversation in a REALISTIC, objective manner with other humans about anything related to GENDER. 

Some people want their own sex to be a certain way, some want the OTHER sex to be a certain way...

It's all about IDENTITY 

Basically it sounds something like:

"I like it when MEN do such and such, and when WOMEN do something else.... so little boys should be raised THIS WAY, and little girls should be raised THAT WAY... and anyone who disagrees with me is BAD. And dumb. And stupid. And crazy. So THERE."

It also sounds like:

"Who wants to see THAT?! I want to watch THIS sex doing that job, talking about that topic, playing that sport, not the other one! It doesn't excite me the other way."

It also sounds like:

"Everyone who is THIS sex is innocent and stable, and everyone who is the OTHER sex is yucky and crazy, and has cooties!"

It also sounds like:

"If THEY can do this thing just as easily as OUR sex, just by actually learning how to do it like we did, and with someone explaining it to us and showing us when we asked how, then they'll FIND OUT that we're not all innately, naturally superior to all of them! Acckkkk!!!"

It also sounds like:

"Hate, hate, more hate, and then something that tries to sound like logic, and then more hate, and let's throw in a big helping of ego and defensiveness, with a dash of hate on top."

It also sounds like:

"Nuh-uhhh! You can't say that, or wear that! Or make those noises! Or act like that! Only WE get to do that! You're not the right sex! See? Look at the TV! You're supposed to be like that other person!"

It also sounds like:

"Whaaaa!!! I don't LIKE people who are that sex, I only like people who are THIS sex!"

It also sounds like:

"If WE don't have power over them, then THEY will have power over US!     Fight! Fight! Fight!    WHAAAA!!! 
I don't LIKE cooperation or working together or fairness, I want to be the BOSS! Like my parent got to be!"

It also sounds like:

"Everyone who is MY sex absolutely sucks! I am the ONLY ONE who is GREAT like the other sex. That means I FIT IN with the other sex, they all accept me as one of their own... even the ones who usually HATE people who are my sex... and yes, I actually believe that they all accept me as one of them..for real... NO WAY do they ever talk about me behind my back..."

It also sounds like:

"I am the owner of all members of the other sex.. they all bow down to my greatness... they all want me... they all obey me...they all fear me... they all crave my sexiness...I can lure anyone's partner away from them just with a look..." 

So there are real reasons....  ...(ahem, cough).... ....
why so many people have a hard time talking about conditioning, rights, stereotypes, gender roles, assumptions, projection, ego, imbalances, raising children, prejudice, competition, desire for superiority, power, control, cultural myth, sexual fantasy, and 

objective reality.