Scapegoats And Narcissists

Scapegoating and Narcissism are intrinsically connected.
If one is present, the other is also, even if it's not immediately evident.
Scapegoats are the people who Narcissists pick as a designated "permanent child" in the group, so that there will always be someone to pick on, someone to blame, someone to COMPARE themselves and others to. 

It's important to understand that it's NOT based in REALITY, it's based SOLELY in someone's ego issues: their desire for control and importance, and their desire to avoid accountability.

No matter what the Scapegoat REALLY does in life, they will continue to be treated by the Narcissist and the N's followers as an incapable, childish, silly, unstable person; like a pain-in-the butt tag-along little brother or sister; like the crazy one in the group; like the one who doesn't amount to anything; like the one who's a "burden" on someone else.

ANYTHING that happens between the Scapegoat and someone else will always get blamed on the Scapegoat, no matter what it is.
No matter WHAT it is, literally.


Only groups where some form of Narcissism is present would designate one of their own members as an ego dumping-station for everyone else.

By the time a Narcissist reaches adulthood, they've already had practice with scapegoating someone. The scapegoat was either a family member, or a person in the community.  But usually a family or household member. It could have been one of their parents, a sibling, a cousin, an aunt or an uncle, a grandparent~

Pretty much any member of the family can get scapegoated as long as there are TWO THINGS present:

One, a Narcissist who singles them out;
and Two, other members of the group who allow and go along with the Narcissist's behavior of singling the person out and treating them with disrespect, unfairness, and/or abuse.